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The CandE Awards!

We're honored to be involved in the CandE awards.

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We are an HR consulting firm like none other.

We help companies improve the way they find and keep the right talent.

We are talent process improvement experts.
Gripes from hiring managers about recruiting? Grousing from employees about career development? Leaders complaining about the management bench?

As former Talent leaders in Fortune 500 companies, we know those sounds – and the pressure on HR leaders to keep employees positive and productive in any climate.

Our job? To help you quiet the noise. Not by talking back to it – but by solving the underlying problems. In fact, we’re huge fans of solutions, deliverables and results.

  From talent acquisition to talent management, we’re trusted advisors, strategy architects, deliverers of deliverables. With our real-world, solution-focused style, we work hard, we work smart, and we get it done, whatever "it" is.

Hear a new noise? It's the welcome sound of fast, high quality, cost-effective help heading your way.

talent management

Talent Acquisition Consulting
Talent Management Consulting
We don’t fill jobs.

We assess your current Talent Acquisition process and people and recommend a faster, higher quality and more cost-effective way to get it done.

But it’s not our nature to just assess and strategize. Our sweet spot is implementing a customized plan for improvement – quickly and effectively.

A by-product of our work? We help you stop the noise.

  You can go almost anywhere for help building a talent strategy.

But it's hard to find a team you can depend on to actually execute it.

So if the demands of your business require better talent planning, career management, leadership development - or any solution along the talent management spectrum - we can help.